Edmonton North Bankruptcy Trustees

Edmoton North Bankruptcy Trustees

Edmonton North Bankruptcy Trustees

Please call us at 780-666-3896, to set up a FREE consultation, to learn about your debt relief options.

The Edmonton North bankruptcy trustees at this firm will give you a FREE consultation so you can explore your options for a fresh financial start. You can also get a FREE financial evaluation over the phone by clicking on the Evaluation link below.

Please provide your trustee with your basic information with this filled out form.

Monthly payment terms are available.

Weekdays 7am – 9:00pm. Sat. & Sun. 9am – 3pm

Edmonton North Bankruptcy TrusteesGrant Thornton Limited, 780-666-3896
2080 Northgate Centre (Northwoods Mall) 9499 – 137 Avenue, Edmonton, AB

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You will find the  Edmonton North bankruptcy trustees at Grant Thornton Limited very approachable, expert and caring professionals.   They are non-judgemental and believe everyone deserves  a fresh start.

They will look closely at your financial situation and review all your options, which may include a personal reorganization, making arrangements with your creditors, a debt consolidation loan, Orderly Payment of Debts (OPD), a consumer proposal or bankruptcy.

Most people choose bankruptcy or a consumer proposals.  In both of these options your creditors are prevented, by law, from taking any action to collect their debts.   Collection calls will stop, interest stops accruing and garnishee orders in place or contemplated will stop.

Bankruptcy is the least expensive way to erase your debts.   The minimum cost of a bankruptcy is $1,800 payable at the rate of $200 a month for nine months. Most people keep all their assets and are out of bankruptcy in nine months.

A consumer proposal, which allows you to avoid filing bankruptcy, while paying only a part of your debt.   Perhaps 50% or even 30%.   You could even keep all your assets, including assets that might be lost in  a bankruptcy.

Please call us at 780-666-3896, to set up a FREE consultation, to learn about your debt relief options.

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