Sherwood Park Bankruptcy Trustees

Sherwood Park Bankruptcy Trustees

Sherwood Park Bankruptcy

Please call us at 780-666-3899, to set up a FREE consultation, to learn about your debt relief options.

The Sherwood Park bankruptcy trustees at this firm will give you a FREE consultation so you can explore your options for a fresh financial start. You can also get a FREE financial evaluation over the phone by clicking on the Evaluation link below.

Please provide your trustee with your basic information with this filled out form.

Monthly payment terms are available.

Weekdays 7am – 9:00pm. Sat. & Sun. 9am – 3pm

Edmonton North Bankruptcy TrusteesGrant Thornton Limited, 780-666-3899
#201, 6030 – 88 Street, Edmonton, AB

More information from Grant Thornton Limited.


These Sherwood Park bankruptcy trustees assist people experiencing a debt crisis with financial counselling, proposals to creditors and bankruptcy services.   Bankruptcy may not be your only solution.   Other alternatives will be discussed and explained.   Leon Miller has over 40 years of experience.    The Leon Miller Group Inc. offers a FREE INITIAL consultation and FREE parking!

  • Are your creditors constantly contacting you for a payment of overdue bills?
  • Are you paying only the minimum balances on your credit cards?
  • Are your wages being garnished or your assets being seized?

    If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, Grant Thornton has the answer you are looking for!

When you set up a FREE consultation with these Sherwood Park bankruptcy trustees they will start by listening so they have a complete understanding of your financial problem. They will answer all your questions and then provide options for you to consider.

They will explain that, whether you file bankruptcy or a consumer proposal, your creditors are prevented, by law, from taking any action to collect their debts.   Collection calls will stop, interest stops accruing and garnishee orders in place or contemplated will stop.


Please call us at 780-666-3899, to set up a FREE consultation, to learn about your debt relief options.


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